Why is there a charge on my card?

There is a charge on your credit card statement “Avangate*IS3charge.com” or "IS3charge.com" and it is not a purchase you recognize. You or a family member most likely bought one of our premier products (see below) and you are unfamiliar with the iS3 name. iS3, Inc. is a dynamic internet security company that provides exceptional products for all your internet protection needs, and takes pride in ensuring 100% satisfaction to our loyal customers.

Please choose the toll free number below which corresponds to your country for an explanation or a refund.

Toll-Free Numbers:

1-888-348-4282 (Toll-free US & Canada) Email us: billing@is3.com
1-800-763-967 (Toll-free Australia) Chat with us:
0-808-101-0937 (Toll-free United Kingdom) iS3 Website: www.is3.com
000-800-100-3227 (Toll-free India)
001-877-877-9944 (International)

You are most likely enrolled in our Auto Renewal Program and your subscription purchase includes automatic renewals of our software/services. This helps to ensure you are protected against possible threats year after year. All payments are completely refundable within 30 days of initial subscription date and 60 days of renewal date.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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